Let’s make a difference!

We are the class GGE 1B of the Berufskolleg Kreis Höxter in Brakel, Germany.
We are 20 students in our class and we want to do our A-levels with the focus on health.
We talked about “Fridays for Future” in our English lesson, but we couldn’t be a part of it.
They stated that we would miss a whole day of school and that our missing would not be
For this, we created this blog. We want to talk about topics that concern us and we
want to state our opinion.

We want to stand up for our future!

Our class has created this blog because we notice what is happening with our world right now. We are inspired by Greta Thunberg, the Swedish activist, who has started “Fridays for Future”. Every Friday, students demonstrate for their future.
The topics that are most important for us are for example Fair Trade, environmental volunteering, the 24-hour society, eating local and organic food, economic challenges and what is good for our environment in general.
On our blog, you can read blog entries by different students of our class about these topics.
We hope you like it and that we change your mind in a good way, so that we all do something for our future.


Your GGE 1B